Please remember that you must be enrolled in the Quapaw Nation for one year before you are eligible for Higher Education Programs, per Resolution 1119111-E (PDF), as of January 1, 2012.

Graduation Cords and Stoles Form (PDF)

PLEASE CHECK THE TRIBE'S OFFICIAL FB PAGE, O-Gah-Pah, for postings about various scholarships, internships, camps, and other education-related events.

Check out this scholarship websitePlenty of scholarships!


First-time applicants must complete the "History of the Quapaw Tribe" essay (no exceptions).

Returning applicants may choose to complete the Option #1 Essay "Educational Goals & Use of Funding" OR complete the Summer/Fall Alternative essay "Quapaw Pow-wows." (If you complete it for Summer, you cannot use it for your Fall essay.)

Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)

BIE has higher education resources. View the BIE website for more information.

BIE Scholarship Opportunities for American Indian Students

Seneca Black Elk Mathews Scholarship

Established in 2012 by the Mathews Family in memory of Seneca Mathews, the endowed scholarship has helped several Quapaw Tribal Members achieve their academic goals at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Graduate Information Form

Your tribe is proud of you and would like to document your success. Your comments will help us understand what students need, what students' priorities are, and how the tribe can most effectively serve students academically and financially. Please take the time to help us stay connected by filling out our Graduate Information Form.