Human Resources


Quapaw Nation strives to meet the needs and expectations of the community and represent our unique values and beliefs. We are continually looking for people of passion and imagination to help create the future of the Nation and of our country. Our employees can expect that they will sharpen their talents, embrace new capabilities, and embark upon transforming leadership challenges.

We give you the ability to manage your own development, providing you with the tools to chart your own career. We are committed to being an employer of choice, and we offer competitive compensation, rewards, and benefits.

Employment Policy

Please note that the Quapaw Nation has adopted a Tribal employment preference policy, under which the Quapaw Tribal members, as well as members of other federally recognized nations are granted employment preferences. If you identify on your application that you are a member of the Quapaw Nation or another federally recognized Indian tribe, you will be required to furnish a verification of Indian heritage. Acceptable forms of verification include:

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian preference form 5-4432
  • Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood card
  • Membership card from a federally recognized Indian tribe

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Quapaw Nation. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources department by calling (918) 542-1853.