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Burial Assistance
Burial Assistance

Benefit: $3,000 per enrolled tribal member

This service will be paid DIRECTLY to the funeral home or to offset any funeral service expenses. In the unfortunate event, of an infant’s death, please contact the Quapaw Social Services Committee.

The following items are required upon the death of an enrolled tribal member:

  • Completed application (signed and dated by the next of kin, legal administrator, documentation is required)
  • The original bill from the funeral home (including an address and phone number of the facility..
  • A "certified" death certificate.

  • *Burial benefits must be applied for within 18 months from the date of death.”

    Once we have processed your burial assistance application, all your information is sent to Native Care Health. Please be sure to complete their beneficiary form, by doing this; it will eliminate any delays in processing your End of Life benefits. If you have any questions contact Native Care Health at 1-877-810-4587.

2016 Burial Assistance Application

Quapaw Tribal Cemetery Handbook