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Education Guidelines.

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Attention Students!
Are you seeking a career in the Hospitality Industry? Check out NEO’s options in their Business
and Technology Department.  You can earn an Associate in Applied Science or a 1-year or 2-year
certificate in Hospitality, or General Office Operations. Contact Lori Hackwell 918-540-6293 (office)
918-540-4903 (cell) or Ms.Pat Creech 918-540-6294 (office)
for more information.

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Changes in the Higher Education Funding Application
Effective November 1, 2014

Students! Please read. Document.

The Quapaw Tribe Department of Education has compiled numerous educational resources for students.
Many of these resources are listed on the tabs to the left of this page. If you have any questions, please
feel free to contact our department.

Tuition discounts are now available at the University of Phoenix and NorthWest Arkansas Community College. Follow this link for more information. 

Dear Students—Ha-way!

Each of you has the potential and the ability to achieve your academic goals and your life goals;
the only limitation to your personal success is you. Be forward-thinking and courageous.  Accept 
the challenges that life offers—both academically and personally.  Embrace the opportunities that 
life offers.

The Quapaw Department of Higher Education’s Application Fund is one of those opportunities.  Take 
the first step in your reaching your personal success by following your passion through the 
attainment of knowledge, training, and experience.  Honor those who have come before you and those 
who will come after you by reaching and succeeding far beyond your potential and abilities.

The Department of Higher Education, like all of the Quapaw Tribe, supports your endeavors.  We are
here for you.  Go forward with the full confidence that in those moments when a challenge seems 
insurmountable, you have many who will help you overcome and succeed.  Know that your triumphs are 
our triumphs.  We are invested in you.  Embrace the opportunity!

Helpful Link for Higher Education Resources: Bureau of Indian Education

Invitation to NativeVision Sports and Life Skills Camp
The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health are partnering to offer the 2016 NativeVision Sports and Life Skills Camp for Native Youth between the ages of 7 and 18. This camp will be held in Okmulgee, OK, on June 9-11. This year, more than 60 professional and collegiate athletes will gather to provide instruction in football, basketball, volleyball, running, soccer, lacrosse, and to promote healthy lifestyles among the participating youth. Barry Switzer will be our special guest at the camp this year.

Registration is free and meals are provided for campers and volunteers. Registration is open to all Native youth nationwide. There will be a campsite available for campers that are not from the local area and showers and bathrooms are provided at the campsite. Attached are local and non-local registration forms and online registration is also available at . Attached is a flyer if you are interested in helping promote the camp.


Online Colleges In Oklahoma
The State of Online Higher Education in Oklahoma

The NCES estimates that at least 10.6% of students enrolled in Oklahoma’s Title IV institutions are in fully online programs. Of those, 83.3% were reported to be undergraduates and 71.7% were found to be living in Oklahoma.

Check out this website!

QSA Summer 2016 Internship Opportunities
Quapaw Services Authority is actively seeking current enrolled college
students for summer 2016 internships. Additional Info...

2016 SAIGE Youth Program Press Release
SAIGE Announces Youth Program at 13th Annual National Training Conference

The Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE) is a national Non-profit organization that advocates for American Indian and Alaska Native government employees. SAIGE will host their 13th annual national training program, “Serving Our Nations,” June 5h -9th, 2016 at the Hard Rock Hotel, in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

As part of the Training Program, SAIGE will also host the annual Native Student Youth Program. This program is designed to provide Native American students an opportunity to learn about careers within the federal government, to participate in professional and personal development workshops and leadership training, and to network with Native American professionals.

SAIGE encourages Native American youth to realize their potential to become leaders in their communities and schools, continue their educations by obtaining a college degree, and ultimately, to seek careers in the government sector in one of the multitude of civil service professions. Federal agency representatives attending the Training Program have the opportunity to meet students, participate as Exhibitors, and promote career opportunities within their respective agencies.

SAIGE is offering a limited number of scholarships for Native students from tribal and mainstream colleges and universities to attend the 2016 Training Conference June 5-9, 2016 in Catoosa, Oklahoma. The scholarships will include conference fee, airfare and hotel accommodations.

The Youth Program is open to Native Students between the ages of 18 and 25 who demonstrate they are currently enrolled in good standing at an accredited high school, college or university. Students must be interested in gaining a professional degree and in the possibility of pursuing a career with the federal government. SAIGE invites American Indian/Alaska Native students to submit their application form, letter of reference, proof of school enrollment, and completed emergency medical information form for consideration to attend the conference. A short essay about their interest in government careers and information about themselves is also required. Completed application packets must be postmarked or electronic copies sent no later than April 30, 2016. To obtain a complete application visit our website at: under Special Programs/Youth Track News.

We look forward to you joining us in Catoosa, Oklahoma (Tulsa, Oklahoma area)

Press release and application.

12 Ways for College Grads to Build Good Credit
Once you graduate with your college degree it’s important to build good credit. Here is a great article from Money Talks that offers some excellent advice on how you can do that.

Click here to find out more.

Education Department Responsibilities
  • Counsel students regarding scholarship opportunities
  • Process scholarship applications
  • Recognize student achievement
  • Serve as a liaison between students and educational institutions
  • Provide information regarding learning, testing and college preparation
  • Assist parents

A Letter to All Students

Haway Students,

Honor. Tradition.  Pride. Courage.  These are the attributes passed down to you from your ancestors.  Each is a pillar upon which you have the choice to build a meaningful life of sound mind, healthy body, and u’-dah (good) character. 

When you choose to expand your knowledge—whether it is through college, vocational education, or another sig-dah (path) of training—you choose to better yourself.  Consequently, you better the lives of those around you.  Although this “ripple effect” may be from the inside out, You>Family>Community>World, the ripples will return to your future generations from the outside in, World>Community>Family>You.  It is this cycle that balances us.

Your choice to commit to education and training is not just a reflection of your Honor, Tradition, Pride, and Courage; your choice becomes a reflection of those who came before you and a sig-dah (path) lit to guide future generations.

Both the Department of Higher Education and the Quapaw Tribe are committed to each of you and your academic endeavors.  Not only are we honored to assist you in your journey, but we are proud of your choice to begin that journey. 


Krista Pierce

Director of Higher Education

Graduate Information Form
Your tribe is proud of you and would like to document your success.  Your comments will help us understand what students need, what students' priorities are, and how the tribe can most effectively serve students academically and financially.  Please take the time to help us stay connected by filling out our Graduate Information Form