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Outreach Presentations

The Quapaw Tribe Environmental Department presents informational and educational programs throughout the community to increase awareness of issues that impact human health and the environment.

Quapaw School Student Tour

May 1, 2012 - Staff lead a guided tour of Tar Creek and presented learning modules at Beaver Creek.

 YSI Multi Probe
James Luedecke demonstrates a YSI Multi Probe
for water testing.

 Water Table
Ardie Blair explains non-point source and
point source water run off.

 Kick Net
Cathy Sloan and Susie Attocknie demonstrate
a kick net.

 Kick Net
Students learn that a kick net is used for
bio assessments.

Quapaw School Earth Week

April 12, 2012 - Staff gave a presentation on recycling.

 Recycle presentation
Ardie Blair explains recycling.
 Recycle speech
Cathy Sloan answers questions.

Wyandotte Nation Environmental Festival

April 20, 2012 - Staff joined other tribes in presenting environmental information to local school children.
 Wyandotte Fest
Ardie Blair gives students informational hand outs.

Quapaw Tribal Health Fairs

The Environmental Department presents a booth at the annual Quapaw Tribal Health Fair held during the pow wow each July.

 Tribal Health Fair
James Luedecke and Ardie Blair man the
Environmental Department booth.

 Health Fair
Cathy Sloan and Ardie Blair with prize drawing
winner Ramona Maute.

Tar Creek Conference

The Environmental Department joins with nine other tribes to present the Tar Creek Conference each year in September.
 Tar Creek Conference  

Environmental Department has been involved in each aspect of the conference including providing funding, personnel and presentations.