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Tribal Gaming Authority


The Quapaw Tribal Gaming Agency department is continuing to move forward with Phase III of our revised updated operational system inclusive of our departmental upgrades focusing on policies and procedures as well as training.


During the month of June 2014, vendor licensing for all gaming and gaming related vendors doing business with both Downstream Casino Resort and Quapaw Casino is inclusive of the following: Ending with June we have a total of 681 licensed and/or registered vendors. 

       7       Construction                                  39     Gaming Related

     13       Gaming                                        383     Non-gaming

     67       Tour Buses                                     3     Consultants

     78       Entertainment

   146       Exempt (includes all donations, memberships, and service providers)

The current status, for the month of June 2014, of employees and vendors at the respective casinos is as follows:     

 Quapaw Casino
 Downstream Casino Resort
 Employees  153 1104
 Native Americans
   58   164
 Quapaw Members
   21    64


The agents are busy preparing for internal machine audits which have begun. They are continuing to become familiar with the internal operation and capabilities of the new database as they have begun processing information from the “Tablets” for reporting, as they work on the casino floor.  A new server based system is being reviewed, as it did not pass inspection the system installation has been placed on hold.


The IT Agent continues to make sure the QTGA systems are up and operating properly.  We have obtained a new technical line to enhance the service at Quapaw Casino.  He maintains all QTGA systems for all electronic and communication requirements.


We have made some changes in internal auditing for the QTGA.  As separation of job duties between casinos, in other departments, have been so successful we are transitioning our Internal Auditing Department the same. 

Barbara Kyser-Colllier
Executive Director

Erin Shelton
Deputy Director

69300 E. Nee Rd.
PO Box 405
Quapaw, OK 74363

Ph: (918) 919-6020
Fx: (918) 919-6029

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm