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Quapaw Tribal and Quapaw PowWow Princess

The Quapaw Tribe selects a Tribal Princess and a PowWow Princess annually as goodwill ambassadors. 

These young ladies are of good standing and are knowledgeable about the respective institution they represent.

Quapaw Tribal Princess

The Quapaw Tribal Princess is elected every year at the Quapaw Tribe General Council by a majority vote.

To be elected as Tribal Princess the individual must be nominated at General Council, be at least 16 years of age and receive the highest number of votes.

  • Nominee cannot bear title if they have been or are married; have borne children or co-habitated with a partner before or during term.
  • Successful nominee must be accompanied by a chaperon at all events attended while representing the Quapaw Tribe.
  • Nominee may not be known to smoke, drink or have excessive tattoos or piercings before and during term.
  • Nominee must be Quapaw by blood and enrolled in the Quapaw tribe, with either membership card or c.d.i.b.
  • Nominee must maintain a high level of discretion in public areas to maintain a positive image. ALL forms of social media must be managed in this regard, all photos and commentary must be modest.

The Tribal Princess represents the Tribe in a number of fashions including tribal functions, local parades, dances and contest powwows hosted by other tribes and organizations when possible.

Quapaw PowWow Princess

The Quapaw PowWow Princess is crowned every year at the Annual Quapaw Tribe PowWow. The PowWow princess is selected by the PowWow Princess Committee on the basis of their application.

The PowWow Princess represents the Annual PowWow and in a number of fashions including local parades, dances and contest powwows hosted by other tribes and organizations when possible.

Erin Casoose.bmp

Current Tribal Princess, Erin Casoose

The 2016-2017 Quapaw Tribal Princess is Erin Casoose. Erin is the daughter of Avis Ballard and James Casoose. She is the granddaughter of Annie Ballard and Mary and Alvin Casoose. She is the great-granddaughter of Louis Ballard. A sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, Erin is a member of the American Indian Student Association and a sister of the Gamma Delta Pi sorority. She is very honored and excited to serve as the Quapaw Tribal Princess!


Current PowWow Princess, Spring Chalakee

Ha-way! My name is Spring Chalakee. My Indian name is Pa-zi-ti-te-ta. I am 14 years old and in the 10th grade at Muskogee High School in Muskogee, OK. I am an enrolled Quapaw Tribal member and also Creek and Eastern Band of Cherokee. My parents are Marta Starr (Quapaw/EBCherokee) and Robert Chalakee, Jr. (Creek) of Muskogee. My grandparents are Lucille Quapaw (Quapaw/Creek) and the late Russell "Frank" Powell (EBCherokee) of Muskogee, Ok. Norma "Tiny"Harjo (Creek) and Robert Chalakee, Sr. (Creek) of Humble, TX. I am the great-great-great granddaughter of Solomon Quapaw and Luella Crawfish. The great-great granddaughter of James "Uncle Jim" Henry Quapaw and Mary Lee Benton (Creek). I also have four sisters Brittny Bell, Cheyenne Chalakee, Autumn Chalakee, and Seneca Starr and also three brothers Eric Starr, Winter ThunderSky Chalakee and Dakota Chalakee. I am also an aunt to three nieces and two nephews.

When I was four, I was led into the dance arena by Jesse McKibben. I have danced cloth for about five years and started dancing jingle at 10 years old. My family and I have camped at the Quapaw grounds every year, so I can attend the powwow.

I am involved in many things. I've been Jr. Miss NASA 2013-14 and 2015-16 for the Muskogee Indian Education Program. I have been involved in NASA (Native American Student Advocacy) since the 6th grade. I am actively involved in the Intertribal Indian Club of Tulsa (IICOT) Club and dance troupe, Fife United Methodist Indian Youth Group, Akdar Shriners of Tulsa Native Youth Dance Troupe; I have also been asked to participate with Bacone College NASA exhibitions. I also attend powwows, stompdances, Native youth conferences and other events. The most important thing I attend is the Quapaw language class taught by Ardina Moore. I also attend Creek language classes in Muskogee.

I try to do anything I'm called to do. One last thing is that I am proud to have the opportunity to be involved and honored to be asked at a young age to participate in so many things.

I am so excited to be crowned as the 2016-17 Quapaw Powwow Princess and will represent our tribe with the best of my abilities. Gunne-ga.