Cobell Information

Quapaw Tribal Members:

Now that the Cobell settlement is final, and the federal government has begun mailing checks to those who qualified for Cobell settlement payments, Quapaw Tribal members have been asking a number of questions. The following summary may be helpful:

  • There were two classes or categories of Cobell claims—the "Historical Accounting Claims" and the "Trust Administration Claims."
  • No one was allowed to exclude themselves from the Historical Accounting Claims. Every person who qualified for the $1,000.00 settlement in that category should receive a check. (The Quapaws participants in the Goodeagle lawsuit will not be affected by this settlement; it is fine to cash this check even if you are participating in the Goodeagle case.)
  • The Goodeagle lawsuit is based on Quapaw Trust Administration claims. This is the part of Cobell from which many Tribal members excluded themselves so that they could pursue their Quapaw claims separately. Tribal members who did not opt out of the Cobell Trust Administration Claims class should receive a second payment (most likely approximately $800). Those participating in Goodeagle should not receive a second check from the federal government, as their trust claims will be determined in the Goodeagle case.
  • If you signed forms to participate in the Goodeagle case and you receive a second check from the Cobell administrator, please contact John Williams at (918) 586-8990. If you receive any communication regarding the Trust Administration claims from the government, please make sure to let John Williams know.
  • Only the Cobell administrator can answer questions about the $1,000 checks you receive. The Tribal attorneys will have no access to information regarding those checks or whether you qualify. You can contact the Indian Trust Settlement Claims administrator at (800) 961-6109 or by emailing the Indian Trust Settlement Claims administrator. If you qualify and have not received your check, you should call the Cobell administrator and verify that your address is correct.


Please call 1-800-961-6109 for helpful information that might pertain to your claim or if you have information about someone else on the list.

Thank you!

Stephen Ward
Attorney at Law
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