Quapaw Language

Quapaw Language

The Quapaw Language has been passed down from our elders; and is taught in language classes at the Tribal Museum lead by Ardina Moore. Please check the website calendar for schedule details or see information about viewing language videos online or ordering DVD copies of these videos.

Quapaw Audio Lexicon

This is an English to Quapaw word and sentence list. The audio files in this list are from our first language speakers that have passed on. These individual's first language was Quapaw and they learned English as they got older or were sent away to school. These audio files are meant to compliment the hard work and efforts of our Quapaw Language Program teachers and students.

Access this audio lexicon (PDF).

Historical Written Works on the Quapaw Language

Many writings on the Quapaw language have been compiled over the years, going back to 1827 up into more recent times.

View a list of these language resources (PDF).

Robert Rankin Dictionary

Robert Rankin performed extensive work with Quapaw language speakers.

He has compiled this work into a vocabulary list or dictionary, one version has been made publicly available by the University of Kansas.

View or download here (PDF)