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NAHASDA Rehab/Replacement Program

The Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) Rehab Housing Program provides a grant to fund services to repair, renovate, replace, or provide housing for low-income families having substandard housing or who are without housing. The program is meant to provide safe, secure, and sanitary housing to approved / eligible applicants according to the following priorities:
  • Enrolled Quapaw Tribal members
  • Quapaw Tribal members by descent
  • Members of other federally recognized tribes

Applications are accepted on a continuing basis and are placed on the waiting list on the date all documentation is received and the applicant is determined eligible.

Monthly Update

May 3, 2018 

We received one application for the Rehab and Replacement Program for the month of April. We have completed forty-five (45) projects. We have completed the rehab project in Miami and will have the new construction project in Miami in the dry by the end of the week. We are requesting a change to the service area for the NAHASDA Program’s Rehab Policy in this month’s report to eliminate the small part of Delaware County that is included in the service area currently.

We received one application for the Rehabilitation and Replacement Program for the month of April.  We have completed forty-five (45) projects.

Rehab project in Miami has been completed. The project was to replace single pane wood windows with double pane vinyl windows. Bring electric up to state code and bring the H/A up to state code. Insulate ceiling in utility room, repair ceiling around H/A plenum in utility room and replace linoleum in utility room. All work to meet HUD requirements.

The new construction project in Miami will be in the dry by the end of the week. The project will be to construct a new 3-bedroom, 2 bath home in Miami, Oklahoma. Size approximately 1,400 square feet with concrete slab, 2 x 4 exterior walls, vinyl siding, composition shingles, ½ inch sheetrock on walls, ½ inch high strength sheetrock on ceiling, R-36 insulation in attic. All work to meet HUD building requirements.

The Housing Department would like to request a change to the Service Area for the NAHASDA Program. We would like to remove the northern part of Delaware County, north of Honey Creek. There are no clear cut boundary lines, roads, etc. by which to draw a “line” to determine who is in the area and who is not. Please see attached revision request. Since this is the only revision requested to the Rehab Policy, we have only attached the first three pages of the policy for your review so there will be a lot less paper to handle for everyone.